Automatic Seed cum Fertilizer Drill

Tractor Operated Automatic Seed cum Fertilizer Drill machine’s  having 11 teeth , 22  pipes and  it height 63 inch (each pipes). It very useful to  seeds sowing .


Model No.

  • Tractor Operated Automatic Seed cum Fertilizer Drill
  • 11 Teeth
  •  22 Pipe
  •  63 Inch Double Hopper

No. of Rows

We also modify this product

11(Eleven) Also available in 9 To 13 Rows.

Row to Row Spacing

7 Inch Standard & Adjustable in 1 Inch Ratio

Length of Main Frame


  • Length : 85 Inch, Increase length 85 Inch to 112 Inch

Hopper Capacity

Capacity Approx in Kg.

  • For Seed – 50 Kg.
  • For Fertilizer – 55 Kg.


Weight Approx in Kg.

    • Weight : 350 Kg.

Tractor Capacity

Require capacity In H.P.

    • 35 H.P. Onwards

Which Seed for Sowing

Use for Following Seed Sowing:

Wheat, Ground-Nut, Cotton seed, Castor, Garlic, Maize, Cumin seed, Soya been, Sunflower, Paddy (Dry-Land) all types of Grains, Cereals & Pulses seeds.